Project Build Counter 1.0 Build 196 Final Most Downloaded + Serial Number 

Setting portrayal of Project Build Counter 1.0 Build 196 Final Most Downloaded + Serial Number

Name the create course of action name

Create Configuration Id an ID of the build outline unique over all structure plans and configurations in the system.

Portrayal an optional delineation for the build outline.

Project Build Counter 1.0 Build 196 Final Most Downloaded + Serial Number, Format this quality is selected to the create number. For more information, insinuate the Build Number Format region underneath.

Project Build Counter 1.0 Build 196 Final Most Downloaded + Serial Number define the counter to be used as a piece of the create numbering. Every one structure assembles the create counter by 1. Use the Reset counter association with reset counter regard to 1.

Obsolescent Paths examples to describe relics of a collect. For more information, suggest the Artifact Paths zone underneath.

Fabricate Options extra plan B for this amass setup. For more information, suggest the going with ranges underneath:

Engage Status Widget

Build Number Format

In the Build number plan field you can demonstrate a case which is dead set and alloted to the Build Number on the build start.

The going with substitutions are supported in the case:

Design portrayal

%build.counter% a build counter novel for every one structure course of action. It is kept up by Teamcity and will make arrangements to a next number regard on every new structure start. The current estimation of the counter can be changed in the Build counter field.

%build.vcs.number.<vcs_root_name>% the change used for the manufacture of the VCS root with <vcs_root_name> name. Scrutinized more on the property. an estimation of the manufacture property with relating name. All the Predefined Build Parameters are upheld (numbering Reference-simply server properties).

A collect number position test:


Notwithstanding the way that not obliged, it is still extremely recommended to ensure the manufacture numbers are astounding. Benevolent join structure counter in the create number and don't reset the build counter to lesser qualities.

It is similarly possible to change the manufacture number from inside your build script. For purposes of investment, suggest Build Script Interaction with Teamcity.

Trinket Paths

Gather doodads are archives made by the build which are secured on Teamcity server. Examined more about structure antiquated rarities.

On the General Settings page of the gather outline, you can characterize express approaches to build antiquated rarities or illustrations to describe relics of a create.

Unequivocal Paths

In case you know the names of your manufacture ancient pieces and their exact ways, you can demonstrate them here. Since Teamcity 8.1, if you have an assembling finished on an administrators, you can seek the checkout registry and select antiquated rarities from a tree. Teamcity will put the approaches to them into the data field.

Ways Patterns

The Artifact Paths field also supports newline- or comma-delimited samples of the going with association:

The course of action contains:

file_name — to appropriate the record. The name should be concerning the Build Checkout Directory.

directory_name — to appropriate all the records and subdirectories inside the registry labeled. The registry name should be a path as for the Build Checkout Directory. The records will be dispersed sparing the lists structure under the list characterized (the registry itself won't be joined).

trump card — to appropriate records matching Ant-like unique case outline (simply "*" and "**" trump cards are maintained). The trump card should identify with a path in admiration to the develop checkout record. The records will be circulated ensuring the structure of the files matched by the trump card (lists matched by "static" content won't be made). That is, Teamcity will make registries starting from the first occasion of the uncommon case in the illustration.

target_directory — the registry in the following structure's doodads that will contain the records controlled by the left bit of the case. Thusly is a relative one with the root being the establishment of the amass obsolescents.

target_archive — the path to the record to be made by Teamcity by pressing structure relics chose in the left bit of the case. Teamcity treats the benefit bit of the case as target_archive at whatever point it closes with a supported record extension, i.e. .zip, .container, .tar.gz, or .tgz.

The source record being aggregate ways are supported, however those plans are not endorsed for courses concerning the assembling checkout list.

An optional part starting with the => pictures and imitated by the target list name can be used to disperse the records into the decided target inventory. In case the target registry is neglected, the records are disseminated in the base of the assembling ancient pieces. You can use "." (spot) as a wellspring of viewpoint to the production checkout registry.

The target ways ought not be preeminent. Non-relative ways will convey slips in the midst of the gather.

Note, that same target_archive name can be used various times, for occurrence:

Relative courses inside zip record can be used, if vital.

You can use create parameters as a piece of the relics determination. Case in point, use "" to suggest a record with the gather number in the name.

Tests: — convey record named in the develop old rarities

dist — convey the substance of the dist registry

target/*.jar — convey all container reports in the target registry

target/**/*.txt => docs — convey all the txt records found in the target file and its subdirectories. The records will be available in the assembling obsolescents under the docs registry.

reports => reports, distrib/idea*.zip — convey reports registry as reports and records matching idea*.zip from the distrib file into the relics root.

Develop Options

The going hand in hand with options are available for gather game plans:

Select the Enable hanging structure distinguishment d


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