Avira AntiVir 15.0.8 Personal - FREE Antivirus is a solid free antivirus Serial Number arrangement, that always and quickly checks your PC for noxious projects, for example, infections, Trojans, indirect access programs, lies, worms, dialers and so on. Screens each activity executed by the client or the working framework and responds immediately when a pernicious project is distinguished. 

Features & Specification

+   Distinguishes and evacuates more than 150,000 infections 

+   Continuously among the champs of examination test offered in PC diaries 

+   The inhabitant Virus Guard serves to screen record developments naturally, e.g. downloading of information from the web 

+   Filtering and repair of macro infections 

+   Security against beforehand obscure macro infections 

+   Security against trojans, worms, secondary passages, jokes and other destructive projects 

+   AntiVir security against infections, worms and Trojans 

+   AntiDialer security against lavish dialers 

+   AntiRootkit security against concealed rootkits 

+   AntiPhishing security against phishing 

+   AntiSpyware security against spyware and adware 

+   NetbookSupport for laptops with low determination 

+   QuickRemoval kills infections at the push of a catch 

+   Simple operation 

+   Web Update Wizard for simple redesigning 

+   Security against beforehand obscure boot record infections and expert boot record viruses 


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