All the codecs you requirement for Microsoft Windows Vista Codec Package 6.8.5 to play AVIs, DVDs and then some other great features which enable you to enjoy more for life time! 

It doesn't contain a media player and it doesn't relates filetypes. With this bundle introduced you will have the capacity to utilize any media player, restricted just by the players' abilities, to play DVD's, motion pictures and feature clasps of any filetype. Gushing feature is upheld in all well known web programs. 

As a matter of course you won't have to make any acclimations to appreciate a mixed bag of media substance instantly. Clients can pick what is introduced utilizing the general population redistributable or after an unattended introduce, you can choose to evacuate particular segments without uprooting the whole bundle. Future discharges will perceive past discharges and are equipped for performing update establishments. 

The Vista Codec Package 6.8.5 is likewise perfect with all adaptations of Windows XP.


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