MySQL Server Community Edition 5.6 is an openly downloadable rendition of the world's most prominent open source database that is bolstered by a dynamic group of open source designers and lovers. 

MySQL conveys undertaking highlights, including: 

Dividing to enhance execution and administration of vast database situations 

Line based/Hybrid Replication for enhanced replication security 

Occasion Scheduler to make and timetable occupations that perform different database undertakings 

XPath Support 

Element General/Slow Query Log 

Execution/Load Testing Utility (mysqlslap) 

Made strides! Full Text Search (speedier, new dev layouts) 

Made strides! File motor (better pressure, more highlights) 

Made strides! Client session and issue SQL ID 

Made strides! MySQL inserted library (libmysqld) 


Quicker information import operations (parallel document load) 

Corrosive Transactions to fabricate solid and secure business discriminating applications 

Put away Procedures to enhance engineer gainfulness 

Triggers to implement complex business rules at the database level 

Perspectives to guarantee delicate data is not bargained 

Data Schema to give simple access to metadata 

Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture for greatest adaptability 

Chronicle Storage Engine for chronicled and review information


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