Professional Photograph Editing/ Alteration is only possible by using activated version of Portable RawTherapee 4.2.231 with Serial Number for life time use. RawTherapee 4.2.231 is an unbelievable application went for natural pictures from computerized cameras (RAW arrangement), highlighting a wide cluster of changes and channels. 

High Image Quality 

96-bit (gliding point) preparing motor. 

Non-ruinous altering. 

Get the most subtle elements and slightest antiquities from your crude photographs because of cutting edge and customary demosaicing calculations: AMaZE, DCB, AHD, EAHD, HPHD, IGV, LMMSE, VNG4, Mono and Fast. 

Propelled shading taking care of from white parity to HSV (Hue-Saturation-Value) bends, shading conditioning and shading administration. 

Effective CIE Color Appearance Model 2002 (CIECAM02) module. 

Improved presentation and tonality instruments: tone and Lab bends, highlights and shadows apparatuses, tone mapping (HDR-like impact), and so on. 

Various denoising systems: luminance, chrominance (both revamped in 2012), drive (for salt and pepper commotion) clamor lessening. 

A few apparatuses to upgrade points of interest: unsharp cover, RL deconvolution, differentiate by subtle element levels. 


Multi-strung calculations for superior (RawTherapee can use advanced processor components, as SSE). 

Speedy thumbnails burden exceptionally quick and are supplanted later with live thumbnails. 

Bunch handling: change over all the created pictures without a moment's delay without stacking the processor while you work. 

Duplicate/glue altering parameters from one document to numerous other. Incompletely replicating and/or sticking is additionally conceivable. 

Essential devices quickly at your hands. 

Parallel altering of numerous pictures in independent supervisor tabs, and/or at the same time from the document program. 

A discretionary optional showcase can be utilized. 


Wide mixture of bolstered cameras: all DSLRs and even some medium configuration bodies are upheld. 

Can stack most crude records including 16-, 24- and 32-bit crude HDR DNG pictures, and also standard JPEG, PNG (8- and 16-bit) and TIFF (8-, 16- and 32-bit logluv) pictures. 

Can spare JPEG, PNG (8- and 16-bit) and TIFF (8- and 16-bit) pictures. 

Propelled control over the calculations with some adjusting parameters and bends. 

Can send to GIMP or the altering instrument of your decision in a single tick (16-bit TIFF record). 

Charge line utilization other than the typical graphical interface. 

Different designs: various tabs, single tab with filmstrip, vertical tab with filmstrip, double screen. 

Flexibility for Free 

RawTherapee is free and open source programming, importance you can utilize it complimentary, wherever you like on whatever equipment you like, the length of you comply with the copyleft GPLv3 permit. Download the source code, adjust it, don't hesitate to do what rings a bell. We trust in open programming. 

It is cross-stage: Linux, Mac, or Windows, be it 32-bit or 64-bit - you pick, we give. 

Global: it is accessible in 25 dialects!


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