Ultra Virus Killer 7.2.6 (UKV) Full Version Key is the beta rendition of UVK Ultra Virus Killer 2015 with 100% working guaranteed checked Crack by the professional team. UVK permits clients to identify and erase a wide range of malware and spyware from contaminated frameworks. 

Process director: 

Channel all the running procedures by their executable way. 

Select and deal with a few procedures immediately. 

Slaughter forms. 

Execute a few procedures with the same way without a moment's delay. 

Execute forms and erase the guardian records all the while. 

Slaughter all the recorded procedures. 

Slaughter all the recorded procedures with the exception of the framework forms. 

Slaughter all non trusted procedures. 

Respite and resume forms. 

Check the procedures documents marks. 

Look data around a procedure over the web. 

Present one or more procedures MD5 to Virus Total utilizing the VT API. 

Open the procedures records areas. 

View the procedures executable records properties. 

Startup Passages and Planned Undertakings: 

Erase startup passages, planned undertakings and comparing documents all the while. 

Select and deal with a few passages without a moment's delay. 

Check the startup sections records marks. 

Conceal Microsoft marked records from the rundown. 

Look data around a startup section record over the web. 

Present one or more startup passages documents MD5 to Virus Total utilizing the VT API. 

Hop to the registry key where the startup section is found. 

Open the startup passages documents areas. 

View the startup passages documents properties. 

Maximizable window in this segment for a more agreeable perspective. 

Windows Administrations and Drivers: 

Erase administrations or drivers, and the comparing records at the same time. 

Perform all normal administration errands: Stop, begin, respite, resume administrations, and set their startup sort. 

Select and deal with a few administrations or drivers immediately. 

Stop all non Microsoft administrations. 

Pick the administrations and drivers to be shown: Show all administrations and drivers. Shroud inert administrations and drivers, Hide Microsoft administrations and drivers, Hide idle and Microsoft administrations and drivers. 

Check the administrations/drivers records marks. 

Look data around an administration/driver document over the web. 

Present one or more administrations/drivers records MD5 to VirusTotal utilizing the VT API. 

Hop to the registry key where the administration/driver is found. 

Open the administration/driver record area. 

View the administration document properties. 

Maximizable window in this segment for a more agreeable perspective. 

Erase or Supplant Record or Organizer: 

Erase records and organizers regardless of the possibility that they're being utilized by applications. 

Erase running executable records. 

Erase records and organizers you can't typically erase utilizing the Windows pioneer. 

Decide to whether erase the records most likely or move them to the reuse canister. 

Supplant or duplicate records. 

Grow compacted documents. 

Supplant records regardless of the possibility that they are stacked in the memory. 

Examine & Make Log: 

Perform a full investigation of your framework and spare it to a content document that you can send to a companion or expert, post in a discussion, or dissect it yourself. 

Pick the regions you need to sweep and show in the log. 

Pick whether to show Microsoft marked documents in the log. 

Pick where to spare the log. 

Pick whether to check the checked records computerized marks. 

Hunt down as of late made records, and think of them to the log. 

Perform other custom sweeps, live recovering particular data on records, envelopes, registry passages, or consequently get the VirusTotal examination result for a document. 

Run UVK Scripts: 

Sanitize your PC by sticking lines from the UVK log to erase relating registry passages and records. 

Use custom summons to download records, execute projects, erase or include registry sections, end procedures, erase documents and organizers, run cmd group scripts, register framework documents or run the UVK Fixes. 

Make framework restore focuses, unfilled the reuse container and all clients impermanent organizers. 

Make and run scripts that perform complete framework repair and support. 

Consequently run any of the UVK fixes or checks. 

UVK apparatuses: 

Recover al sorts of data on any document. 

Create VirusTotal MD5 reports, deny or gift get to or perform a sfc check for any record. 

Seek data on documents and registry passages over the web. 

Gift get to or avoid changes to registry keys. 

Count all the restore focuses. 

Select and erase one or a few restore focuses. 

Make framework restore focuses. 

Empower or handicap the framework restore. 

UVK System Repair: 

Fix your PC with more than fifty elite fixes: Fix record expansions, register framework dlls, empower and repair Windows redesign, clear dns store and the hosts document, reset client default registry settings, fix establishment issues, purge all programs reserve, reset security settings, defragment and advance the hard drives, introduce Java, Flash, DirectX, .Net Framework, Fix the WMI and the framework restore, erase all restore focuses, fix the windows shell, reset the client shell organizers and a great deal more. 

Framework Info: 

Show data that can be exceptionally valuable uncommonly in case you're going to reinstall windows or on the off chance that you have to analyze an execution or equipment issue. This incorporates the processor, memory and page record use, OS and office item keys, and equipment and clients data. 


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