TSR Watermark Image Professional Crack Final Version an programming, is a free program for individual that watermarks to every one of your pictures. It also watermarks photographs and pictures with the straightforwardness you choose. The project can likewise resize the pictures before the computerized watermark is included. 

At the point when making the watermark, you can utilize either content or another picture as the wellspring of the watermark. In the event that you need to add the watermark to the foundation, you can set the logo or the content to be pretty much straightforward, and characterize the straightforwardness shading on the picture or select the first pixel in the upper left corner as straightforwardness shading. 

You can even utilize this project rather than photoshop to watermark your pictures, this is a speedier and all the more simple method for getting a watermark on every one of your pictures. Additionally utilize the watermarked picture in Word, Excel or pictures utilized as a part of pdf records can be made with this watermarking programming. The variant accessible for download is the full form, no missing components, no bother screen, no popup and no advertisements!. 

The product is free for individual utilization, on the off chance that you are utilizing it for business utilization, please make a buy in the wake of testing the product for $29.00. 


Multilanguage support, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian & Portugal), Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Indonesian, Russian and Danish is upheld. 

Include content watermark that is either typical, embellished, etched or watermarked with a fringe. 

Naturally turn the watermarked picture taking into account the introduction EXIF tag - this is composed to the picture by numerous current cameras. 

Add the content used to watermark the picture to the EXIF data in the subsequent record. 

Keep or drop EXIF data in jpeg records (Camera model/lense model/and so forth and so on.) 

Yield the watermarked photograph to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF document group. 

Determine the nature of the watermarking yield when sparing as jpeg pictures 

Edge the content you use for your photograph watermarking 

Supplement foundation watermark in computerized pictures, pictures, photographs

Resize pictures while watermarking the picture/photograph 

Watermark your photographs utilizing either another picture, photograph or picture 

Watermark your photographs utilizing your own content as a part of the shading and style you need to. 

Keep up index structure in destination catalog or join all bunch watermarked pictures into one registry 

Skip or overwrite existing watermarked pictures/photographs in destination index 

Order line alternative to consequently stack a profile and bunch watermark all photographs. 

Naturally check for new form of the TSR Watermark Image Software


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