Platinum Hide IP 3.5.0 Serial Key Download Free 

Platinum Hide IP 3.5 Full Version will give you platinum online security insurance over internet with secure IP and easy Serial Key. With one catch click, Platinum Hide IP empowers you to keep your genuine IP address shrouded, surf secretly, secure every one of the conventions on your PC, give full encryption of your movement while working in Internet, and significantly more. 

At the point when interfacing with the Internet, every PC (or system switch) is doled out an open IP address. As you visit sites, that IP location is transmitted and recorded in log documents continued those servers. Access logs desert a trail of your Internet movement. It is very important to shroud your genuine IP address, in the event that you would prefer not to be followed by others. 

Platinum Hide IP 3.5 Latest Version 2016 Keygen is a project that furnishes you with the most proficient covers for your actual IP location to surf the Internet totally namelessly. It secures your personality and area, conceal your Internet exercises from anybody, companion or adversary. 

Platinum Hide IP Serial Key permits you to choose your IP area, for example, United States, United kingdom, France, and so on from the Choose IP Country window. 

With Platinum Hide IP 3.5 Serial Key you can surf secretly, send mysterious messages through any electronic mail framework, access blocked sites or discussions, get shielded from any site that needs to screen your perusing hobbies and spy upon you through your one of a kind IP address, and so on. Your character is secure, ensured, and anonymized. 

Platinum Hide IP 3.5 Serial Key is 100% sheltered and secure and has been utilized by tons of customers around the globe to rapidly and effectively ensure their online security and anonimity. It doesn't track any program for individual data from the client. The product has been autonomously tried and ensured to be 100% spyware free. 

Platinum Hide IP 3.5 Key Features: 

Anonymize Your Web Surfing. Your genuine IP is covered up when you surf on the Internet, keeping your online movement from being followed by others. 

Secure Your Identity. Mysterious web surfing empowers you to keep character hoodlums from taking your personality or other individual data, and keep your PC safe from programmer assaults or different dangers. 

Pick IP Country and Check IP. Intermediary arrangements of numerous nations are empowered and you choose to choose one nation from the Choose IP Country window. You can check the present IP address specifically. 

Send Anonymous Emails. Send mysterious messages through any online mail framework, for example, Gmail, Hotmail, and so forth. 

Get Unbanned from Forums and Blocked Websites. Change your IP location and afterward you can get yourself unbanned from any gatherings or other blocked sites that have ever banned you.


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